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The City of Montebello is joining California’s Great Plates meal delivery program to support Montebello’s seniors and local food service businesses during the COVID-19 public health crisis.  The Great Plates program is a partnership between FEMA, the State of California and the City of Montebello.  The City will be identifying local restaurants that can provide seniors with up to three nutritious meals per day.  All participating seniors must be residents of the City of Montebello. Interested seniors should contact the Sr. Citizen Center at (323) 887-4575 or the Recreation & Community Services Office at (323) 887-4540.


Who can apply to receive meals?

To qualify, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • Age requirement
    • 65 or older, OR
    • Are 60-64 and have been diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19, or are considered high-risk by the CDC
  • Live alone or with one other program-eligible adult
  • Are not currently receiving assistance from other state or federal nutrition assistance programs, such as CalFresh/SNAP or Meals on Wheels
  • Earn between $24,980 and $74,940 for a household of one or between $33,820 and $101,460 for a household of two
  • Have difficulty accessing food resources or preparing your own meals
  • Live in the City of Montebello

Do you verify income or the ability to obtain and prepare my own meals?

We will ask about income and the ability to obtain and prepare meals during the sign-up process.  You will self-attest to these matters.  We will not ask for proof of income.

Why is there a minimum income limit for the program?

The minimum income requirement is a federal requirement.  It is intended to ensure individuals who qualify for CalFresh (food stamps) don’t also receive another federal food benefit.  Most seniors earning below the minimum income will qualify for CalFresh.  The federal government’s goal is to make sure people are receiving long-term benefits when possible.  The Great Plates program is temporary, while programs, such as CalFresh, are long term.

How do I find out if I can receive CalFresh (food stamps) benefits?

You may apply online and check eligibility at

How many meals per day will be available to me?

Participants will be provided up to three meals per day.

Will the program accommodate special dietary needs?

The City is taking into account special dietary requirements to the extent that we are able.  During the application process, participants can indicate if special dietary requirements are needed.  However, we may not be able to accommodate all dietary preferences. 

Are the meals nutritious?

Meals are intended to be nutritious.  All meals are required to be low in sodium, include a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable and may not include sugary drinks. 

Can I choose my restaurant?

No. Restaurants will be assigned based on several factors, including delivery capacity and dietary needs. 

How long will this program be available?

Currently the program will run through July 10, 2020.  We expect the State will request an extension, but it is not guaranteed at this time.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to eligible participants.


City of Montebello- COVID-19 Response

All City Facilities are Closed to the Public Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

See notice here.

Please see attached press release relative to recent City Council action regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

City of Montebello Media Release COVID 19 March 12 2020

Please follow the link below for more information about the COVID 19: Novel Coronavirus


Click the Image Below for Information about an upcoming Community Outreach Meeting regarding the Eastside Transit Corridor Phase 2 Project2019 0508 Eastside Namebadge Header 01

Please click on the following links for information for the upcoming City of Montebello Sales Tax Measure:

Montebello Tax Measure Fact Sheet


Due to the wet conditions and inclement weather forecasted for tonight and tomorrow morning, we have reluctantly decided to reschedule tomorrow's Snow in the Park Event for December 21. This event includes jumpers, small rides, a train ride, snow slides, kiddy snow areas, live bands on stage, carnival-style games and vendors. The wet conditions of the park would caused many of these amenities to be canceled. We look forward to having a fun filled day on 12/21!





Contact: Rene Bobadilla


November 13, 2019 

Montebello City Council Unanimously Votes to Place a Public Safety and City Services Measure on the March 2020 Ballot

Montebello, CA – The City Council voted today to place a three-quarter-cent sales tax measure on the March 2020 ballot to help preserve public safety, city services, and community programs. The move was a response to the City’s growing need to create a long-term financial stability, one that is locally funded and optimally beneficial for Montebello residents. 

If approved by the voters, this local funding would:

  • ·      Maintain fire and paramedic services
  • ·      Preserve public safety, police protection, anti-gang efforts and neighborhood patrols
  • ·      Keep parks and other neighborhood public areas safe and clean
  • ·      Fix streets and potholes, and help prevent sinkholes
  • ·      Maintaining programs and services for seniors
  • ·      Support summer and after-school programs that keep youth out of trouble
  • ·      Attract and retain local business
  • ·      Require public disclosure of spending


The proposed local funding measure would require strict accountability, including a Transparency and Accountability Committee to ensure all funds are spent as required by law. All funds would be used to benefit Montebello residents only – no funds could be taken by the State, County or other cities. And all funds are subject to mandatory annual independent audit and reports to the community. 

Without additional funding, the City may be forced to make deeper cuts to basic services such as police and fire protection, paramedics, senior services, youth programs. 

Pico Rivera, Lynwood, South Gate, Downey, Pasadena, Huntington Park and other neighboring cities have already passed a sales tax and are benefiting from locally-controlled revenue. And the cities of Whittier, Paramount, Norwalk, Lakewood, and Bellflower are also currently considering a similar sales tax to protect essential city services.


For more news, please visit

Montebello residents, you might have received a notice from Montebello City Manager Rene Bobadilla to participate in a public opinion survey that is currently being conducted.  The City of Montebello has hired an independent public opinion research company to conduct a public opinion survey, with a random sample of residents, to obtain feedback on key issues facing the City and identify residents’ priorities. If you have been contacted to participate in the survey we appreciate your feedback in this important research. Should you have any questions, please contact the City of Montebello Administrative Offices at 323-887-1200.

Montebello Residents can enjoy Free Food in celebration of the 1 year anniversary of the Home 2 Suites Hotel on Friday, September 20 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.


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